Election of 2019 Board of Directors of FACC-SLAA

List of Candidates

Agcaoili, Jason
Aluning, Ma. Cecilia
Belarmino, Nonie
Bercasio, Katherine
Delos Reyes, Norma
Divinagracia, Christian
Dobbins, Lila
Docdocil, Fred
Duterte, Edwin
Gavino, Monette
Goings, Danny
Jimenez, Arjay
Jimenez, Janice
Koons, Fe
Monteclaro, Jaime
Montinola, Sweeney
Omega, Noel
Oyama, Barbie

Dear Esteemed Members of FACC-SLAA:


We are very pleased to announce the eighteen (18) candidates who have signified their intention to run in the upcoming 2019 election of the Filipino American Chamber of Commerce of SouthBay Los Angeles Area (FACC-SLAA) to fill the position of eleven (11) board of directors. Candidates are required to be present during the election or will be disqualified.

  1. Agcaoili, Jason – HomeSmart Realty Group
  2. Aluning, Ma. Cecilia, – DMD Carson Dental Care
  3. Belarmino, Nonie – iDance Studio
  4. Bercasio, Katherine – Kbercsclick / Graphic Design & Arts
  5. Delos Reyes, Norma – Regal Inc.
  6. Divinagracia, Christian – California Credit Union
  7. Dobbins, Lilabeth – Arbonne International
  8. Docdocil, Frederick – Mabuhay Credit Union
  9. Duterte, Edwin – Top Tier Commercial Real Estate
  10. Gavino, Monette – LA Unified School District
  11. Goings, Danny – Dance Instructor / Retired Accountant
  12. Jimenez, Arjay – Audiotech Mobile Systems
  13. Jimenez, Janice – Regal Inc.
  14. Koons, Fe – CONFAA / LAPIFF
  15. Monteclaro, Jaime, Esq. – Law Office of Jaime Monteclaro
  16. Montinola, Sweeney Mae – SouthBay Pavilion-Carson
  17. Omega, Noel – Vista Land Int’l Marketing Inc.
  18. Oyama Barbie – Bobea Enterprises Inc.

Their names and bio/resume are shown above, please take time to check it out in order to guide you in choosing who to vote to serve on the board of directorship position.

YOUR VOTE MATTERS. The elected board of directors will be the ones to shape, create and implement the policy for our chamber of commerce and their leadership will determine the direction of the group for the year 2019. Your voice is an essential tool to make a difference in our organization.

MEETING and ELECTION. We are requesting you to attend our general membership networking meeting and VOTE for the right candidates for the eleven (11) board of director’s open positions to serve in the next year.

Date: November 5, 2018, Monday
Time: 6:30pm to 9:00
Venue: CalCom Federal Credit Union
Address: 3748 Bayer Avenue Long Beach CA. 90808 (next to Hampton Inn)


  • Members in good standing (paid membership) may cast their vote. Proxy voting and absentee voting for members shall not be accepted.
  • Non-Profits, Small Business, Corporation, and Corporate Business Partners shall designate a representative to cast a ballot.
  • Members who paid membership fees after October 31st will be carried to 2019 membership and will officially vote in 2019.
  • Members may vote for a maximum of eleven (11) candidates, may vote less than eleven but may not vote for more than eleven.

The eleven (11) elected Board of Directors shall meet on November 15th at the designated venue of their choice, to elect among themselves the 2019 president and officers.

We are looking forward to seeing you on Monday, November 5th.


The Election Committee

Loi Herrera, Hon. DHum
Election Committee Member

Jun Aglipay
VP Membership
Chair, Election Committee

Jay Lee
Election Committee Member

Lydia Sadler
Corresponding Secretary
Election Committee Member

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Upcoming Events

November 05, 2018 (Monday)
General Membership Meeting/Election of Eleven (11) BofD

November 15, 2018 (Thursday)
Board Meeting / Election of President & Officers
Venue: TBD