Fred Docdocil
VP-Budget & Finance

A Founding Director of FACC-SLAA, Frederick Alain Docdocil is very passionately involved with the Filipino/Filipino-American Community. This dates back to his involvement as a member of UCI’s Kaba student organization, as a member and officer of Kagananons of SoCal regional organization, and as a writer, editor, and director of the FilAm website The Immediate Past President and currently serving our Chamber of Commerce as the 1st Vice President (Budget & Finance) this year, Fred is also the VP-Governmental Affairs of the Federation of Philippine American Chambers of Commerce as well as the 1st VP (External) of the Philippine Independence Day Foundation, in addition to being a Household Head and Speaker for Couples for Christ.

In addition to his professional role as the Business Development Officer at Nikkei Credit Union, wherein he is assisting in the preparations for the opening of the first Filipino Bank in the City of Carson which he’ll be the Branch Coordinator of later this year, Fred also handles Business Development and Marketing for several family businesses – DocBros Photos for photography services, FJ’s Events for events planning and consulting, and Popsy’s Pen Shoppe for handcrafted wooden executive pens.