Janice Jimenez

Janice Jimenez is known as the South Bay’s “Go-To” girl. She is a Registered Nurse for 19 years, now retired, as she focuses on growing the business. She has served as a Real Estate Broker selling homes and providing home loans for almost 2 decades now and since then, Regal Inc has expanded its services to include Financial (Retirement Planning) Services, Life and Health Insurance specializing in Medicare Solutions. Janice and her Team of Hardworking Professionals work hard helping families become financially secure and independent. She is also mentoring new leaders and brokers who are driven and motivated. Being a nurse, she exudes caring and delivers excellent service to every single client. On another facet, she is active in the community, serving in the FACC-SLAA Chamber of Commerce Board, and does work for the benefit of the Victims of Domestic Violence and the Homeless in Los Angeles area.

To get to know her better or join her team, please visit JaniceJimenez.Com